Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If the information you require is not here please contact us :

01803 403739 ( Monday-Friday 9am-3pm)

Alternatively, email:

Please be aware that the office is extremely busy before and during a holiday programme. Staff may not always be in the office – they may sometimes be off-site with an activity or dealing with an activity on-site. If we are unable to answer your call please leave a message/send an email and we will endeavour to return your call/email as soon as possible – Your patience is appreciated.  

How do I book activities?

Click ‘Book Activities’  at the top of the page.  Use the calendar to find days when there is an activity.  Click on the green highlighted square, scroll down the page and view activities available on the left hand side.

How do I pay for activities?

Payment for activities booked online is via PayPal using a debit/credit card or with a PayPal account.  Please follow the onscreen instructions.

Can I pay by cheque, postal order or with cash?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept the above methods of payment for online bookings. If you are unable to pay with a debit/credit card or a PayPal account please call the office number: 01803 403739 Monday-Friday 9-3pm. We shall arrange for you to visit us and we will book activities online on your behalf. Please ensure you bring a suitable method of payment with you i.e. cheque (For Paignton Community and Sports Academy students only) or cash. We cannot make provisional bookings. All places can only be confirmed once payment is received.

Do you take telephone bookings?

We can no longer process telephone bookings due to new PayPal security regulations this came into effect as of 21/07/14. If you are unable to book via our website please call the office number: 01803 403739 Monday-Friday 9-3pm to arrange a visit to the office to make a booking and payment in person. We cannot make provisional bookings. All places can only be confirmed once payment is received.

My child is almost the right age to participate in an activity and has an older sibling who will be participating. Can I book them on anyway, even though they are not the correct age?

No, unfortunately due to strict health and safety and insurance reasons your child will not be able to participate. If you do not give the correct age on the booking form and we discover that your child is not the correct age, you will be asked to collect them and a refund will not be issued.

My child has special needs. Will they be able to participate?

The Torbay Holiday Programme welcomes children of all ability. If would help instructors and staff involved if the parents of children with particular needs could explain and discuss those requirements when applying for an activity; please call the office number: 01803 403739 Monday-Friday 9-3pm. Please ensure you complete the space provided on the application form when booking to give extra details. Please note that we assess each case individually and will only allow children with special needs to attend if we have appropriately qualified staff to provide the necessary care and attention required for that child. We work very closely with Play Torbay and the Inclusion Team offer one to one support. This must be booked through Adventure Play in the Bay (APIB). Please call Jemma Collins on 07920 108095 to discuss.

Why does the booking form ask for two different contact numbers? I only have one contact number.

We require two different contact numbers in the event that we need to contact you, either for emergency purposes or simply to inform you if details change for your child’s activity. The other contact number could be for a work place, a relative or even a neighbour.

How will I know that my booking has been accepted?

You will receive a confirmation of booking email, which will show the activities booked, dates and times of activities, additional information and attachments for forms that may need to be completed by a parent/guardian depending on the activity chosen.

My confirmation of booking email says that I may have to complete extra forms. How do I know which ones I need to complete?

You only need to complete those that are appropriate for your child’s activities. Please see below for any additional forms you may have to complete depending on the activity chosen or visit the Downloads  – Parental Consent Forms page:

Horse Riding – Please complete the Rider Registration form.

Battlefield Live – Please complete consent form.

These can be posted back, addressed to Claire Blagdon at: Paignton Community & Sports Academy, Borough Road, Paignton, TQ4 7DH or brought with you on the day. Forms can also be scanned and emailed, but MUST BE SIGNED by a parent/guardian.  Please email to:

Alternatively, you may bring forms with you on the day of the activity. However, if a child arrives without forms on the day unaccompanied by a parent/guardian, they will NOT be able to participate in the activity and you will be contacted to collect them.  No refund will be issued. These forms are for insurance purposes and are extremely important.

Who will be coaching/instructing my child? Are they qualified?

All staff and coaches used by the Torbay Holiday Programme hold a current DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check. All coaches are fully qualified in the activity/sport they are instructing and have public liability insurance.

Are the activities safe for my child to participate?

All activities are risk assessed and must be approved by Paignton Community & Sports Academy and EVOLVE (the educational visit approval system) with Devon County Council and Torbay Council.

Where do I meet for my child’s activity?

Please check your confirmation email for information relating to your child’s activity.

The weather conditions are not good. Will my child’s activity be cancelled?

Some sports are weather dependant and are subject to change, but you will be notified. All activities will run unless we have contacted you. Please ensure you give correct contact numbers on the booking form to enable us to call you. If we are unable to make contact with you, we will endeavour to leave a message if an answer phone facility is available. We hold no responsibility if you do not receive this message or if the numbers given are incorrect.

If you are still unsure and we have not contacted you please call the office: 01803 403739 Monday-Friday 9-3pm.

Please be mindful of weather conditions for outdoor activities. If hot please ensure your child has sunscreen/water and if wet please provide them with waterproofs.

Please note that if an activity is cancelled we do not have a second option available.  We are unable to re-arrange another date, as all activities are planned ahead and must be approved by Paignton Community & Sports Academy and EVOLVE (the educational visit approval system) with Devon County Council and Torbay Council. If an activity is cancelled by us, you will receive a full refund.

My child is ill/changed their mind/made other arrangements and can no longer participate in an activity booked. Do you offer a refund?

All bookings are non-refundable unless cancelled by the Torbay Holiday Programme. If your child can no longer attend please call us on: 01803 403739 (please leave a message if we are unable to answer the phone). In certain circumstances if we are given advanced notice, we may be able to find a replacement for your child and may be able to offer a refund.

Please notify us as soon as possible if your child will not be attending a session. Activities are often delayed (in particular off-site activities where travel is involved) waiting for participants who never arrive!

Do I have to stay at the venue whilst my child is participating in an activity?

0-4 Years:

The activity details includes where parents have to stay and participate with their child and are responsible at all times for their child or whether you can watch from the viewing areas and not be involved with your child.

4-17 Years:

No, unless your child will become distressed if you leave. We have all the details you provided on your booking form and will use those details to contact you if necessary. Many activities offer a place to view the activities, but you will not be able to participate with your child; please be mindful that we have to adhere to strict safeguarding regulations.

Can I travel on the minibus with my child?

If your child is booked on an activity that requires minibus travel, you will not be able to travel with them. If you wish, you may follow the minibus in your own transport, but you will not be able to participate in your child’s activity due to strict safeguarding regulations.  Please click here for directions to off-site activities.

My child is booked on two sessions on the same day, but there is an hour’s break between the activities. Do I have to return to collect them in-between the sessions?

Children may attend more than one session per day, but must not be left unattended in-between sessions, unless activities run consecutively. If a child is left unattended, we cannot be held responsible for them.

Can my child walk/catch the bus home after an activity has finished?

All children must be signed out with a member of staff by their parent/guardian. If you wish your child to leave without you please inform us beforehand, either when they are signed in or via a telephone call: please call 01803 403739.

Do you provide all equipment?

Activity equipment is provided. Any additional equipment, such as towels and extra clothing will be stated on your confirmation email. If your child wishes to bring their own equipment, e.g. tennis racket or wet suit, they are welcome to bring it as long as it is small (no surf boards please!) and as long as they realise that we cannot be held responsible if they lose it or if any damage occurs.

Please note: Many instructors will require you to wear/use their own equipment due to insurance reasons.

What should my child wear/bring?

Children should wear comfortable sports clothing and dress sensibly according to weather conditions. Please bring a packed lunch and refreshments for full day activities. Please refer to your confirmation email for more details for specific activities.

Will you provide lunch/refreshments for my child?

No, unless stated. Please check your confirmation email for information relating to your child’s activities. Please ensure they have appropriate refreshments for their activity, particularly if they are attending a full day event. Many activities are located in areas where there are no shops, so please do not give your child money to buy lunch.

If your child has a food allergy/requirement (e.g. vegetarian) and we are providing food (e.g. barbeque) please inform us of their requirements in the space provided on the booking form.

Do you provide sun screen?

No. All children must bring their own sun protection and administer it themselves.