How to Book Activities

Please read the instructions below carefully and our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) page before emailing/calling with queries.  The office is extremely busy before and during a holiday programme so please send an email to OR leave a message on the answer phone if your call is not answered.  We will endeavour to return your email/call as soon as possible – Your patience is appreciated.  

You must agree to our  TERMS & CONDITIONS  to book activities.

Activities can only be selected for ONE CHILD per booking, but MORE THAN ONE ACTIVITY may be booked per child.

If you are unable to pay with a credit/debit card or a PayPal account, please call us: 01803 403739 (Mon-Fri 9am-3pm)


View the current timetable by clicking here.


Click  Book Activities at the top of the page.  Under the booking information is a calendar.  Select the appropriate date.  Dates highlighted in green show days on which activities are offered.  Dates which are shaded in red show activities have sold out for that day.  Dates in white show that there are no activities on that day.

Activities available will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen (scroll down to view all).  NB: All activities are visible, even if they are sold out.


Click on the appropriate category or age group on the tab above the activities (e.g. Free, Up to £10, Over £10/ Website tab 1/Website tab 2 or Website tab 3).

Exact age ranges for each session are shown next to each activity.  Click here to view the latest timetable.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you child is the correct age as some sports have different age limits for insurance purposes and they will not be able to participate (see our Terms and Conditions). We have the right to cancel your booking if your child is not the correct age.

 4. SELECT ACTIVITY – Click ‘Book Now’

To select an activity click ‘Book Now’.  This will take you to the booking page showing the item in your ‘Shopping Basket’.

IF YOU HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE PLEASE ENTER THIS WHEN PROMPTED FOR THE FIRST ACTIVITY THAT IS ADDED TO THE ‘SHOPPING BASKET’.   Click ‘Supply  Discount/Voucher Code’.  Click in the box, type your code and press Enter on your keyboard (codes may be case and number sensitive).  The total will update showing your discount has been applied.


YES – Complete the booking details below the ‘Shopping Basket’ and click ‘Continue’ to proceed to the payment screen to complete your booking.

NO – If you wish to add other activities, click the ‘Add to Booking’ button above the listed activities to view other sessions available for that date or click on the calendar on the left hand side to select another date and click on the category tabs to view other activities.


Once you have finished selecting all of your activities complete the booking form beneath the ‘shopping basket’. (If you cannot see the form it can be found by clicking ‘View’ in the box above the activities). NB: Please check you have booked the correct activities.

Complete the details on the booking form.  Details that must be completed, have an asterisk (*).

Ensure the email address you give is entered correctly as your confirmation of booking will be sent to this address!

We require two different telephone numbers so that we are able to contact you in an emergency or to inform you if details change for an activity.  The emergency contact number could be for a work place, a relative or even a neighbour.

Please inform us of all relevant medical/welfare details, including any dietary requirements if necessary.

Note: Please do not use the ‘Any other Information’ field to make requests for children to be booked onto the same activities as their friends.  Bookings are processed automatically through the website and we cannot offer a refund if your child’s friend was unsuccessful booking the same activity.


Once the booking form is completed please clickContinue’ at the bottom of the page.  You can use a debit/credit card or a PayPal Account to pay – Either ‘Check out as guest’ and complete the card detail boxes or sign in to your PayPal account and follow onscreen instructions. Please ensure you confirm your payment.  

IMPORTANT: If the payee’s details differ from the parent’s name, address and contact number entered on the Torbay Holiday Programme booking form, please amend them on the payment page to ensure the cardholder’s name, address and telephone number match the details of where the card is registered. (Please note: This will not change the original details given on our booking form, just on PayPal’s, so if you do not have a debit/credit card and a friend/relative pays for you, we will still have the correct contact details for the parent and child. )


Please note: If you’re using a mobile device to book activities you not be able to checkout as a guest and will have to create a PayPal account. This is due to new security features within PayPal.


If you have used a discount code and your total for activities is £0.00, after clicking the ‘Continue’ button at the bottom of the page you will be taken to the confirmation page showing that your booking has been logged.  (The status of your booking will be ‘Reserved’ or ‘Pending’ until the code is checked and amended to ‘Paid’ by the Torbay Holiday Programme.  You will then receive a confirmation of booking email.  Please note that until this has been received, actvities have NOT actually been reserved, but are Pending.  Places on activities will only be secure once the status has changed to ‘Paid’.  Please check your confirmation email carefully, as actvities requested may not have all been successful.  Bookings can only be amended to ‘Paid’ during office hours: Mon-Fri 9am-3pm.)


Once your booking has been processed you will be taken through to the Torbay Holiday Programme confirmation of booking page that shows your invoice with a green box at the top saying ‘Paid’If you do not see this you have not yet confirmed your booking.  Check that you have confirmed all payment details on the PayPal website.

If you think you have paid but do not see a confirmation page as described above, do the following before contacting us:

1. Check your PayPal account to see if funds have left your account.  If you do not see a transaction, then your booking has not been processed; you may not have clicked the ‘Continue’ button to confirm your payment.

2. Check your email account to see if you have received a confirmation email – this is sent to the email address given on the booking form.

If you have no transaction details in your PayPal account and no confirmation email then your booking has NOT been successful.  Please try again, following the instructions given above closely. 

If you are still unsuccessful please send an email to or send us a message from the website by clicking Here Office hours are Mon-Fri 9am-3pm.


A confirmation email with details of your booking will be sent to the email address given on the booking form. Please allow 24 hours before contacting us if you do not receive an email.

Your confirmation will show a paid invoice and underneath this further details and instructions for the activities booked –  Please read these carefully as additional parental consent forms may need to be completed depending on the activity.

Please check you have booked the correct activities on your confirmation email.   If you have booked an activity by mistake, please inform us as soon as possible i.e. not the day before or after an activity has already taken place (!), as we have to inform instructors of participant numbers and you will not be able to change to a different session or receive a refund.

Email or send us a message by clicking HereOffice hours are Mon-Fri 9am-3pm.


Your activity confirmation is the EMAIL sent to you.  You will not receive a confirmation in the post.

Beneath the invoice are more details and information for all activities booked. Please read these carefully.

Additional forms are required for off-site actvities that include transport.  The forms can be found by either clicking the link in the confirmation email or on the website homepage under the ‘Downloads – Parental Consent Forms tab.  These forms must be completed by a parent/guardian and either sent in the post before the activity, filled in, signed, scanned and emailed to us or brought in on the day.  Children with no forms who are dropped off without a parent/guardian signing them will not be allowed to participate and will have to attend onsite lessons. No refund will be issued.

PAIGNTON COMMUNITY & SPORTS ACADEMY ACTIVITIES WEEK FOR YEARS 7-10 – Forms may be posted back, addressed to Claire Blagdon at: Paignton Community & Sports Academy, Borough Road, Paignton, TQ4 7DH or handed into Reception on either site.  If you are unable to download these forms you may collect them from Reception.

These forms must be completed for every holiday programme for insurance purposes – Previous forms cannot be used.

If you have any other questions/queries please check our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)  page.

If you have any further queries that are not answered on these pages please contact us here, send an email to or call the office: 01803 403739  (Mon-Fri 9am-3pm).  Please leave a message on the answer phone if your call is not answered.  We will return your call/email as soon as possible.  

Please note all activities are non-refundable unless cancelled by Paignton Community & Sports Academy.

Activities can only take place if there are sufficient numbers and are therefore subject to cancellation.